Production Team

 Fernández, Assistant Vice Provost, Queens College

Project Director
Marleen Kassel, Director of Asian Initiatives and International Programming, Queens College

Content Expert
Morris Rossabi, Distinguished Professor of History, Queens College

Consulting Curator
France Pepper, Independent Scholar and Founder of China Insider

Collection Manager
Jacquelyn Hopely Monkell, College Laboratory Technician, Queens College

Information Architect
Rob Garfield, Instructional Technologist, Center for Teaching & Learning, Queens College

Graphic Design Consultant
Jean Kelly
, Instructional Technologist, Center for Teaching & Learning, Queens College

Web Designer
Cynthia Moralez Garcidueñas

Technical Consultant
Martin Capella

Merri Rosenberg

Maria Paula Armelin
Brita Helgeson, Manager, Godwin Ternbach Museum, Queens College
Renata Rassam


William Daghlian


Additional Support

Generous support provided by the CUNY Chancellor’s Office and the Queens College Foundation


Queens College Administration

Laurie Dorf, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, Queens College Foundation

Elizabeth Hendrey, Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

William McClure, Dean of Arts and Humanities

Meryl Kaynard, General Counsel and Special Counsel for Labor-Management Relations

Sue Henderson, Former Chief Operating Officer

James Muyskens, Former President

Evangelos Gizis, Interim President

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